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Praxia Energy supplies 90 MW of its solar mounting system to the UK market

Logo_imprentaBradford ManorThe Spanish company which designs, produces and installs PV mounting frames, started his operations in the UK market in the year 2010. These 90 MW mean a turnover for the company of over 9 million euros.  Praxia has mainly targeted utiliy scale plants in the UK market. Apart from the UK market, where the company expects to increase their volume by 40 MW from now to March, the company has orders for France, Italy, Germany and Chile. The directors of the company have expressed their view that their diversified portfolio shows that solar-PV has turn into a very competitive source of electricity, both for utility scale plants, and residential, where it has the additional advantage of the distributed generation, with no emissions.

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Praxia Energy

Praxia Energy designs, engineers and manufactures structural mounting systems for solar power installations (both ground level installations and roof-top arrays), greenhouses and parking lots as well as metal structures in general.

Founded in 2006, the company’s engineering and production centers are located in Asturias (Spain). The firm also has an affiliate company in Venice-Mestre (Italy) and a commercial office in Santiago de Chile.

Praxia Energy is strongly oriented toward export activities, serving a client base in more than 12 countries. The firm’s competitiveness is founded on the direct control it applies across the entire value chain, from design, engineering and manufacturing to hot-dip galvanizing, while betting strongly on technology and innovation aimed at further developing and improving its structural mounting systems.

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