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Spanish company Evalupyme signs strategic agreement with futureSME

 EVALUPYME 2IMG_1089Under this agreement, Evalupyme will market and tailor the futureSME business model in Spanish-speakingcountries

 Spanish company EVALUPYME has signed a strategic agreement with the futureSMEConsortium for introducing the futureSME transformation program to businesses in Spain and Latin America. What is futureSME?

futureSME © is a transnational Consortium that, with the support of the European Union (EU), developed a new business model for small and medium-sized enterprises, to help them better adapt to a business environment that is changing very rapidly. This model is the basis of a “Transformation program” for the business world, which has been designed to provide a roadmap to success and which has been launched and tested in many companies in Europe.

Under this agreement, Evalupyme will be the strategic partner of futureSME in Spanish-speaking countries. TheTransformation programme aims to develop the key capabilities of any small or medium business, help the company to grow both in the short- and long-term, while developing a culture of collaborative work. In addition, futureSME provides a set of tools and techniques tailored for SMEs.

Transformation develops cyclically in companies, through a process of thinking, acting and reflecting in a collaborative way. Dr Ardawan Lalui, lead coach in futureSME, emphasised that “an organization that thinks in a collaborative way will have a common purpose, where the entire team is aligned toward the achievement of common goals. This will ensure that the resources available are used efficiently in terms of achieving objectives and priorities. By reflecting on results collaboratively, the organisation learns and can face clearly the problems and opportunities of the future”.

To support this cycle, Visual Management ensures that key objectives, metrics and lines of action are visible to all. This reinforces the transformation process and highlights best practices, helping the organisation reach or exceed its targets.

The futureSME transformation program is accredited by the University of Strathclyde (Scotland), which is promoting it as a future standard of excellence for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Javier Camacho, CEO of Evalupyme added that: “the agreement with futureSME allows us to move forward in our range of consulting and training services for companies. It is a simple, practical and effective methodology that fits perfectly with our approach to work. In addition, we have integrated the resource of futureSME within the Evalupyme Portal, so that Spanish-speaking companies can access more than 100 diagnostics and tools. No doubt this agreement will allow us to grow as a company and offer innovative services to our customers, both corporations and SMEs”

 Dr Lalui of futureSME stated that: ‘This agreement with Evalupyme will allow us to extend the benefits of the transformation program to Spanish companies. We look forward to working with Evalupyme to further develop futureSME to make it more accessible to companies, particularly in Latin America. We are delighted to be working with Evalupyme in these interesting challenges.”

 evalupyme-simbolo+peqRegrouping of activities of Evalupyme

In order to roll out futureSME in Spain and Latin America, Evalupyme has reorganised its activities under the following business lines:

u Transformation program: through a series of short workshops, a company develops its managerial, strategic, operational and adaptive capabilities. Arising from this, the company continues to apply the futureSME transformation process using various assessment, diagnostic, training and other tools, which are accessible on the Portal by way of a subscription model. There are three levels of subscription available (Basic, standard and Premium).

u Business consulting: consulting services oriented to the improvement of all aspects of business performance, from strategic to operational.

u Training: tailor-made to develop managerial skills, and other aspects of sales and business management.

For business and commercial contacts:

 Javier Camacho

C / Ramón de Santillán, 15 1A

28016 Madrid (SPAIN)

Cell phone: + 34 650 973 507

Tel: + 34 911 876 280

Skype ID:

 For media contact, contact with the journalist Jorge Ramos:

34-658-47-36-33 / / / 34-605-01-13-55

 To contact futureSME:

 Denis Kearney, Coordinator, futureSME Consortium,

Galway, Ireland.



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