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30 Company to Country Communication Solutions

2010-10-08_plataforma_educativaPeople, companies and the world are separated by languages. That is why being able to speak other languages not only overcomes these barriers but also unites different cultures and solidifies business endeavors. Krauss Language Solutions offers 30 solutions for the most important 30 languages worldwide.

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In a global economy personal, professional and business success is impossible without mastering other languages. The Krauss Language method is supported by top-of-the-line specialists and recognized worldwide, precisely at a time when new technologies are shrinking the world. With the Krauss method breaking down language barriers is guaranteed.

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For your specific needs please check out the sections covering the range of services we offer. Also please feel free to contact us for more information with no strings attached, no advertising and no waiting. You will be surprised.

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Krauss can help you master a language with classes in person or by video-conference with native English speaking teachers and exchanges in foreign countries.

Since its founding in 1994 our company has been constantly expanding with offices in Europe, United States and Mexico, offering the best live and online services for communicating people.

We also offer live translation services prepared by native teachers who are professionals in the field of interest, as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services, all to make sure a language is never a barrier for developing professional or business relations with individuals, companies or organizations in foreign countries.

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